UAB Gairelita

Premium ENplus A1 wood pellets

About us

JSC GaireLita was established in 2001. We started to work in wood sphere, with planks and boards mostly. While working with wood we met a wood waste utilization problem. We found out that it is possible to make wood pellets from sawdust and that it is a perfect fuel for house heating. We have visited some pellet manufactures in Scandinavia, studded the technology of wood pellet production . It was very interesting and we decided to start new business. 

We thought that it would be very easy to produce wood pellets, but the quality of our first pellets was not good, we still didn't know enough about technology. If you want to produce pellets it won't be enough to have an equipment and sawdust. You have to look for the right raw material, it should be only from softwood, it should be clean, free from sand and other additives. We had to work and study much, so we could make pellets of best quality. And we achieved our aim. We are making pellets that satisfy required standards. 

Today we have 5 pelletizing machines, which can make about 10000 tons of pellets per month. So, our capacity would be about 120 000 tons per year. 

Pellets are getting more and more popular, it is an ideal natural fuel, which makes no harm to our environment, helps to utilize wood waste, is clean and comfortable to use.